Boba Simulator Walkthrough – Upgrades, extras, & achievements

Boba Simulator is a lemonade stand-style game for the new generation, created by Napas Torteeka and hosted on Cool Math Games. This cute setup has you play a cat running a boba tea stand; there are a whole host of upgrades, extra toppings, and goals to keep in mind, which we'll help you with int his walkthrough.

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Complete Walkthrough Guide for Boba Simulator

The preparation menu of Boba Simulator with a cup that displays the recipe

When the game first opens up you find yourself faced with a recipe: 7 parts milk tea, 3 parts brown sugar, and 1 part boba. You can change the values of any of these, and feel free to experiment! But before you click ‘Start Day,’ there are a few other tabs to explore.

You begin your game with $200 in startup funds, and you can spend some of that now to start your first day off right. Under the upgrade tab, the comment box for $25 should be your first purchase. This allows you to get vital feedback at the end of every day to tell you if your recipe is a hit or a miss (among other things).

If you’d rather skip out on customers saying your boba tea is sickeningly sweet, skimping on the boba, or just plain bad, you can experiment with different combinations or just use this ideal recipe: 7 parts milk tea, 2 parts brown sugar, and 4 parts boba. It’s a little expensive, and you should set your base price at $21 accordingly, but your customers will love all that boba and bring in hordes of friends as a result.

Just one more upgrade, and your setup will be finished: the mix machine speeds up your boba production and makes it easier to handle large crowds that you’ll start getting within your first few days. I upgrade twice immediately, and then throughout my days just buy more and more ingredients until I can’t keep up with the popularity anymore.

Hit ‘Start Day,’ and watch your little cat work! As a bonus tip, in the upper right hand corner there is an options menu. Here you can change your volume mixing, but you can also set the game speed to fast, which I highly recommend.

The report page

The report page of Boba Simulator

After your first day of business, and for every day after, the new report tab appears! This page is chock full of information to help you run your shop successfully.

  • Day ended with: Out of ingredient, Closing time. If you ran out of ingredients, start ordering for more cups! If you got to closing time, that means you either have enough or too many ingredients ordered. Feel free to lower your prepped cups, or even better, upgrade your marketing to get a ton of new customers.
  • Cup sales: How many cups you successfully sold before the day ended, influenced by speed, customers, and ingredients.
  • Income: How much money you made that day (compared to yesterday in parentheses).
  • Income from Extra: How much money you made that day from extras added to the drinks, such as chocolate chips (compared to yesterday in parentheses).
  • Total customer in queue: If it’s considerably more than the number of cup sales, you’re ready to upgrade your speed!
  • Customer left queue (wait too long): Just as it says, if this number is above 0 you’ll want to increase first your customer patience and then your speed.
  • Milk tea wasted: This only applies before you buy the refrigerator upgrade and will cost you money as you have to rebuy milk tea every day.
  • Customer Feedback: This number is a basic view of how much customers like your recipe! The maximum ‘likeness’ needed is 10, but it can go over. This will go up with more boba, cheaper base price, and better recipes. It will go down slightly for more profitable base prices.
  • Customer comment: An extremely useful portion of the report page, this section will tell you exactly what the customers think. If your recipe needs tweaking or service is too slow, they’ll let you know. Unlocked in upgrades for just $25.

Every shop upgrade in Boba Simulator

UpgradeDescriptionCostNo. of UpgradesRecommended Upgrade Time
Comment BoxGet valuable feedback from customers.$25OneImmediately
MarketingAttract more customers.$50, $100, $450, $2,500, $5,000FiveWhen consistently reaching closing time
Extra IngredientsUnlock extra ingredients to earn more income.$500OneAs soon as convenient. Unlocks additional purchases which will raise profits exponentially.
Mix MachineSpeed up boba tea making.$50, $100, $320, $1,200, $2,500FiveWhenever possible. This is always an improvement to your shop and solves most problems.
RefrigeratorPrevents milk tea waste.$250OneAs soon as you can afford it. This will save you money in the long run.
EntertainerExtend a customer's patience for waiting.$25, $50, $100, $500FourWhen you have spare cash or when customers are leaving your line in the middle of the day.

All buyable extras (toppings) in Boba Simulator

Most of the extras in Boba Simulator are simple upgrades that provide a percent chance for customers to add them onto their drink. Every addition makes the drink more expensive, and some have additional effects as well.

Combination toppings are more helpful the more you’ve purchased, as they’re all kinds of chocolate. Customers who purchase one chocolate item are more likely to purchase the other chocolate items as well, adding further to their total.

Toppings that add likeness make it easier to get over the 10 likeness rating required for the maximum reward of the game, and the more likeness your drinks have, the more customers you’ll gain.

All other toppings are simple additions that make the drinks more expensive, and the more variety you have, the more likely you are to get additions, and most toppings can be added together. The only exception is syrups, which can only be added one at a time, though there are three flavors. These will be included with the simple toppings.

Combination ToppingsPriceChance to AddPrice Added per Cup
Chocolate sauce$5030%+$1
Chocolate chips$10020%+$5
Chocolate crumble$10020%+$5
Likeness ToppingsPriceChance to AddPrice Added per CupTotal Likeness Added
Matcha$35020%+$20+0.2 likeness
Crystal pearls$2,00025%+$15+0.3 likeness
Standard ToppingsPriceChance to AddPrice Added per Cup
Whip cream$20030%+$7
Cheese cream$30035%+$4
Strawberry Syrup$5020%+$2
Melon Syrup$5020%+$2
Taro Syrup$5020%+$2
Grass Jelly$18015%+$8

How to get all Boba Simulator achievements and rewards

Reaching reward goals grants cash bonuses that can help you get a kick start on your business. There are five types of reward goals, with multiple reward tiers of each type.

  • Likeness: 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 10
  • Total income: 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000
  • Max upgrade: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Cup per day: 30, 50, 80, 100, 150
  • Day income: 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 8000

Most of these rewards will be achieved simply by playing the game, but as you get to the higher tiers you may need to seek one out specifically. Here are some tips for each reward type:

  • Likeness: For maximum likeness, I achieved it with this most liked recipe: 7 parts milk tea, 2 parts brown sugar, 4 parts boba, sold for $21. Matcha and crystal pearl upgrades add a total of +0.5 likeness, and sufficient speed does the rest!
  • Total income: The best way to increase your overall income is to gain more customers. The marketing upgrade and having a good recipe will do this for you.
  • Max upgrade: You don’t need to finish all your upgrades to finish all of your rewards. The one-time upgrades will gain you the first three rewards for a total of $775. The cheapest multiple upgrade is Entertainer at a total of just $675 to max out.
  • Cup per day: So long as you have the refrigerator to keep your milk tea supplies, there is no harm in buying larger amounts of ingredients. Try buying as many cups as you’re aiming to sell for each milestone and adjust your marketing and speed if you can’t reach that goal.
  • Day income: Don’t fall into the trap of making your recipe worse or base price more expensive, as this is likely to drive away customers and result in less income for the day instead. Extras are the best way to add more daily income.

How to beat Boba Simulator

The goal page of Boba Simulator

Your ultimate aim is always present on the goal page of your menu. This shows your total cash on hand, which you will need to be at $20,000 to finish the game. Clicking the button to upgrade will end the game, so don’t press it until you’re satisfied with the game and truly ready to finish!

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Boba Simulator Walkthrough – Upgrades, extras, & achievements

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