Peroxide Codes (April 2024) – Updated!

Master your skills in Peroxide.

Updated: April 3, 2024

We searched for new codes!

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Peroxide is a Roblox game inspired by the popular anime and manga Bleach. It allowed me to choose between playing as a Hollow or a Soul Reaper and progress down my path behind the veil. I battled other players and powerful NPCs, mastering my skills to become the ultimate warrior. Be prepared, as this game packs quite a challenge.

By claiming codes for Peroxide, the game rewarded me with Product Essence, a valuable in-game resource vital to the game's progression. New players will welcome this boost because it will quickly ease them into the game. Remember to check out more Roblox code guides like Roblox Anime Star Simulator Codes on Pro Game Guides.

All Peroxide Codes List

Working Peroxide Codes (Active)

  • TwoTrillionAprilPECode—Redeem for 2 trillion Product Essence
  • ShutdownToFixNPCsAgain—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • shutdowntofixnpcs—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 210MVisitsAwesome—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • PeroxideAnniPE—Redeem for 50 Product Essence
  • UnluckyBruhxide—Redeem for 50 Product Essence
  • 290kLikesLOOLOLOL—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • 200MVisitsAwesome—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • ValentinesDayButNoValentines—Redeem for 45 Product Essences
  • FusionStopGamblingWorkOnTheGame—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 15kSubsSoEpic—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • FusionForgotHowToShutdown—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 190mVisitsThanks—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • ThanksForPingingAhmed—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 280kLikesThankYouForYourSupport—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 180mVistsTrollDelay—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixersPart2—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixers—Redeem for 30 Product Essence

Expired Peroxide Codes

  • StopListeningToTrialMods—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • HappyNewYearJoMamaJoeBiden12121—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • Chungsmas—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • 170mVisitsGuys—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 270kLikesOhHowJolly—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • FBBossIncident—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • FBUpdate—Redeem for 1 Slot and 15 Product Essence
  • 260kLikesWhatTheJoe—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • ThanksGivingButAmerican—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • Peroxide5kSubs—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • Peroxide10kSubs—Redeem for free Product Essence
  • 160mVisitsWhatTheFB—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • LOLSTUPIDHEADLESS—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • ImpostorvsCrewmate—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • 150mVisitsThanksForContinuedSupport—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • ThxForSurvey—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • BaskingSharkDay—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • HalloweenOmg2—Redeem for free Wungus
  • OOPS—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 140mVisitsJoeBiden—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • DevCelebrationRolandtime—Redeem for free Product Essence
  • 250kLikesWungusApproves—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • RobloxOutageNumber2Trillion—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 130MVisitsHolyMoly—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • WungusVsRoblox—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • YTFat—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • TheNightOfTheWungus—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • FusionIsAWungus—Redeem for 25 Product Essence
  • 120MVisitsTheVoices—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • 240kLikesChill—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • 230kLikesHolySpeedrun—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • 110mVisitsWTH—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • 110mVisitsAwesome—Redeem for Product Essence
  • RAIGABOMBU—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • TheApproachingStorm—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • SpudBugsUnite—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • GankingSpudsHouse—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • UpdateThisWeekend—Redeem for +20 Product Essence
  • 210kLikesJoeMama—Redeem for +15 Product Essence
  • ApeirophobiaChapter2—Redeem for +10 Product Essence
  • 200kLikesCritters—Redeem for +20 Product Essence
  • 90MVisitswowzers—Redeem for Product Essence
  • Only10PeWHAAAAT—Redeem for Product Essence
  • FungusAmongus10K—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • Grimdub10k—Redeem for 30 Product Essences
  • 190KLikesWOW—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 80MVisitsTyrone—Redeem for Product Essence
  • GrilledCheeseFluffy—Redeem for 10 Product Essences, Choco Fluffies
  • 70mvisitsweirdge—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • 200kFavs—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • VerminUpdate—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • Sussyamogusimposter—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • DataOopsieDaisy2—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • DataOopsieDaisy1—Redeem for 1 Slot
  • EmergencyShutdownCodeForBrokenServers—Redeem for 35 Product Essence
  • CodeGoblins—Redeem for Product Essence
  • ThxForFollowingTyDev10!—Redeem for Product Essence
  • HairRatsMatter155!—Redeem for Product Essence
  • AmogusGrimaceShake—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • GrimaceAmongus—Redeem for 20 Product Essence
  • RELEASE!!!!—Redeem for 50 Product Essence
  • 180kLikesUpdateSoon—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 170KLikesCodeGoblins—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 60MVisits—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 60MVisits!??!?!!?—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 160kLikes99IsoP—Redeem for 30 Product Essence
  • 150kLikesJoeYipee1231123!!—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 50MVisits!?!?!Wow!!—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 140kLikesNewContentSoon—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 40MVisits!!!—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 130kLikesInfiniteCodes—Redeem for Product Essence
  • 120kLikesHolyMoly—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 20MVisits!—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • 30MVisits!—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • 10MVisits!—Redeem for 10 Product Essence
  • 110kLikesYouLittleCritters—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 100kLikesYouAllAreEatingGood—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 80kLikesSorryForACStrikes—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 60kLikesHiGuys—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 50kLikesWowThatWasFast—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 40kLikesRobloxAPICantHandle60k—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • 30kLikesThanksForSupportingUs—Redeem for 15 Product Essence
  • WAVE2!!!!!!!!!!—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • WatchLamaYT—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • WatchingLagotholis—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • CorgiDubs—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • WatchAdrianYT—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • WatchBOk—Redeem for in-game rewards

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How to redeem codes in Peroxide

Redeeming codes for Peroxide is easy. Follow the steps below.

Image via Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch Peroxide on Roblox.
  2. Find and click on the Statistics icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Click Settings from the popup menu.
  4. Input the code in the Code Here text field.
  5. Hit Enter to redeem.

How can you get more Peroxide codes?

The best way to get more codes for Peroxide is to follow the social accounts. This includes the Peroxide Discord Server. You can also bookmark the Peroxide Trello to see when new codes are added under the Codes card. Finally, bookmarking this page by pressing Ctrl+D will keep you updated when new codes are available.

Why are my Peroxide codes not working?

The Peroxide developer creates and controls all codes. This is who determines the rewards they provide and their expiration date. It will no longer work if you attempt to use a code past its expiration. Other reasons a code does not work include the code not being active yet or misspellings, so verify the expiration date and correct spelling of a code before trying to redeem it. You can prevent this issue by bookmarking this page and checking back often to see if Peroxide has added new codes or if some have expired. If you notice that a code no longer works, let us know! We'll update the list accordingly once we verify the new codes.

The codes could also be mistyped or have missing punctuation. The best way to ensure you're properly inputting codes is to copy them directly from the website list and into the game. This will ensure you enter the codes error-free, saving you time and frustration.

Peroxide Trello Link

The Peroxide Trello is not only a great place to find new codes but also contains large amounts of helpful information. This can teach you about the game and inform you of upcoming content. We recommend bookmarking the Trello page for Peroxide and checking it whenever you need help.

How to unlock Abilities in Peroxide

To learn new abilities in Peroxide, you must level up. Every three levels, you will gain cards, allowing you to choose what skills you learn. These include Clan, Shikai, and Res abilities. Click on a card to unlock that ability, and keep an eye on your health bar, as it will turn orange to let you know you can unlock a new ability.

What is Peroxide?

Peroxide is a Roblox title that focuses on fast-paced combat and a vast world. It takes inspiration from the Bleach anime and manga, with a clever name change. It allowed me to master my skills as a Soul Reaper, become a Hollow, complete quests, and learn new skills as I explored the game.

We have tons of codes for other Roblox games, so check out our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get loads of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page. Don't forget to check out the latest news on all things gaming.

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Peroxide Codes (April 2024) – Updated!

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