All Content Warning Monsters and how to avoid them

Watch yourselves around these.

Monster recording games aren't so new, and I fondly remember the horrors of Fatal Frame. To help you avoid early demise, we made a guide about all monsters in Content Warning and how to avoid or deal with them.

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How to Survive all Monsters in Content Warning Guide

Each monster in Content Warning is potentially lethal for you and your friends. If you try to confront them directly, armed only with your camera, you'll be back at the house and restarting your SpookTube career before you know it. Fortunately, each monster has its own pattern of movement and behavior, similar to Lethal Company. Knowing how Monsters behave and move can give you enough of an advantage to survive an encounter with them. One more thing: monsters don't have official names, so I used descriptive names of my own.


Content Warning Spider
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Spidey is a small eight-legged creature with a flat face and web-slinging abilities. It will keep shooting at you until you slow down enough for Spidey to attack. There's nothing creepier than a spider with a human face coming to kill you by biting.

How to Avoid & Escape Spidey

It does moderate amounts of damage, so you have an opportunity to run away before it kills you. Don't touch its web, as it will aggro the spider onto you, but if you do, run away from it immediately.


Content Warning Froggo monster
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Froggo is a small, frog-like creature with a wide stance and small eyes. It is one of the common creatures in Content Warning, and is easy to outrun.

How to Avoid & Escape Froggo

It doesn't like groups of people, so all you have to do is join up with a friend and you should be good.

Mixer Charger

Content Warning Mixer Charger
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This tall creature with a mixer-shaped head is dangerous if you stand in front of it and it faces you. It charges in a straight line wherever it is looking. You can tell it's charging to attack by its shuffling feet like a bull.

How to Avoid & Escape Mixer Charger

To avoid it, just stray clear of its charge trajectory, and you'll be good. If it hits a wall, it will get knocked over, so use that time to dodge out of its line of sight.

Patrick the Death Star

Content Warning Patrick the Death Star
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This star-shaped creature dwells on ceilings, waiting to catch players who walk underneath it with a rope. It isn't that noticeable unless you have a flashlight, and it's easy to fall into its trap if you aren't paying attention or are getting chased by other monsters.

How to Avoid & Escape Patrick the Death Star

The best way to prevent Patrick from catching you is to throw objects at it by pressing and holding down the Q key to charge the throw. If it does catch you, your only chance of escaping comes down to your teammates hitting it with a flashlight or a bone. They'll need to be quick, though, as you'll be taking small amounts of damage that'll chip away at your health.

Stone Tentacles

Content Warning Stone Tentacles attacking
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This big boulder with tentacles protruding from it is scary and quite dangerous. It shuffles around and will run towards you if it spots you. Once it gets close, Stone Tentacles will start spinning and using wind currents to drag you in.

How to Avoid & Escape Stone Tentacles

If you get caught by the wind, you will get hit and most likely killed, so try to keep your distance. Running away is a good tactic, and using walls and corners will prevent this monster from pulling you with the wind.

Snail Assassin

Content Warning Crawley
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Similar to the Immortal Snail, this creature will keep coming at you once it spots you. It only focuses on one person at a time, so you can easily distract and confuse it. If it manages to catch you, it will deal medium amounts of damage to you.

How to Avoid & Escape Snail Assassin

It is pretty slow, so you can usually just go around it. They aren't too dangerous, but you can still get killed by them. Especially if there are more around, as I've usually encountered them. They could easily corner you if you aren't too careful despite their slow speed.


Content Warning monster Crawley
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This is a rarer creature that does significant damage to you. It likes creeping in the dark until it can attack one person and start dragging them away. While doing so, it will keep causing you damage. You can break out, just keep trying to jump and sprint.

How to Avoid & Escape Crawley

Crawley hates light, so you can drive it away by shining a flashlight at it and then sprinting away as fast as you can.

Captcha Device

Content Warning Captcha Trap
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This monster is a trap that captures one of the players and forces their teammates to solve the captcha to release their trapped friend. You have around a minute and a half to do it correctly, and you only get three attempts.

How to Avoid & Escape Captcha

Solving the captcha neutralizes this threat, and making mistakes will kill your teammate. Keep in mind the differences in keyboards and letter placement, as that issue managed to get my teammate killed. If you are stuck in the cage, you can also get killed by other monsters that are nearby, even if the timer hasn't run out yet.

Explosives expert

Content Warning Tootsie
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This creature will be throwing explosive bottles at you to try and kill you. It does quite a lot of damage, and it has a big blast range, so you want to move as far away as possible to avoid taking the hit.

How to Avoid & Escape Explosives Expert

When you spot the Explosives Expert, immediately start running in a different direction, or your SpookTube career could be over before you can yell Boom!


Content Warning Slimey
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

It is an agile but relatively harmless creature. If it manages to catch up to you and engulf you, you'll be taken along for a ride to somewhere unknown.

How to Avoid & Escape Slimy

You can get out of it by sprinting and moving, which I realized quite a while into the ride. It won't deal damage to you, but other creatures can, so you'll want to free yourself as soon as possible. Once you are out, it will slither away, but watch out not to cross its path again.


Content Warning Gunhead
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This is a robot armed with a laser-sighted machine gun. Once you get in its line of fire, it can damage you a lot, so the best way to survive is to stay away from red lasers. It will take around four or five bullet hits for it to kill you. You can sort of dodge them as well, as it doesn't track you quickly.

How to Avoid & Escape Gunhead

Go behind walls and duck behind objects to break its line of sight with you. Sprint away once you've broken its line of sight with you, and you should be in the clear.

Van Gogh

Content Warning Slimey
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

This monster has one giant ear instead of a head, which means its perception is based on sound. If it hears and gets close enough, it'll knock you down and deal mild damage to you. This can leave you vulnerable to other monsters in the vicinity.

How to Avoid & Escape Van Gogh

The best way to avoid it is to move quietly and never sprint. Talking is also not recommended. Just opt for a stealthy approach, keep your distance, and stay quiet until it's nowhere to be seen.


Content Warning Shanky
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

A short ghost-like creature armed with a knife, it can be recognized by its little giggle as it comes charging at you. It can also jump at you, so try to keep as much distance between you as possible. You can get stabbed a few times before you die, but I wouldn't recommend taking more than one stab. It's always better to run away.

How to Avoid & Escape Knifo

It will attack you on sight, but if you avoid a few of its attacks, it will run away. You can also just choose to sprint away from it when you do come across Knifo, as it's limited to close-range swipes with its knife. We also liked using the Goo-Ball and Shock Stick against the enemy to buy us a little more time, as it can move pretty quickly.

The Eye

Content Warning monster the eye in the Old World
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

If you find the Eye, you might think that the best game plan is to shine a light into it and blind it. However, that is wrong. Instead, the pupil of this monster will dilate, and it will start attacking you. It is a pretty dangerous monster, usually taking three hits to kill you.

How to Avoid & Escape The Eye

If it hits you and knocks you down once, you are probably dead, as you won't have enough time to get back up and run away. Avoid shining your light into them, but if you do, start sprinting to get away.

Skeleton Larva

Skeleton Larva monster attacking in Content Warning
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

So long as you stay out of the reach of Skeleton Larva's hands, you should be good. However, this monster is quick, so you will have to be very fast. If it catches you, the Larva will throw you around, causing a lot of damage to you. You won't be able to survive getting thrown twice. It can also throw you at your teammates and damage you both, so watch out.

How to Avoid & Escape Skeleton Larva

Basically, keep your distance and avoid its stretchy arms. You should be able to outrun it if you notice that it's chasing you early enough. If it's already built up a fair amount of speed, though, the Skeleton Larva can be deceptively speedy and can catch up, so don't be afraid to use the Goo-Ball or Shock Stick if necessary.

Giant Slapper

Content Warning Giant Slapper in the Old World
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

So many Content Warning monsters are scary, but the Giant Slapper scares me the most. There is nothing worse than a giant creature running towards you and then slapping you to the ground, taking most, if not all, of your health. You'll know this creature is close by a low groaning sound.

How to Avoid & Escape Giant Slapper

If you hear it, go the other way immediately. Or, if you are really brave, go interact with it and sacrifice one of your friends for the views before running away. There's nothing else to suggest here, as this monster is speedy, so make sure you're just sprinting away from it until it's nowhere in sight.

Flickering Squid

Content Warning Flickering Medusa death scene
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

When you see flickering light bulbs in an area, that means danger is nearby, as this monster is causing it. The Flickering Squid is one of the most dangerous creatures in the game. It will be invisible for the most part, so you'll know it's in the area by the light flickering.

How to Avoid & Escape Flickering Squid

Try to avoid it. If you get really close, you'll hear a static sound, meaning that the Squid is going to appear. Avoid eye contact and look straight down at the floor because if you catch sight of it, you will instantly be caught and killed.


Flamthrower monster attacking in Content Warning
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

From my experience, the Flamethrower doesn't start shooting flames until it spots a crewmember. I've had a few instances when I would run into it without even seeing it first.

How to Avoid & Escape Flamethrower

As the name suggests, the flamethrower shoots flames at you if you get close. It has a pretty long range, but it isn't fast, so you can get out of the way quickly. The flames also don't do a lot of damage, so you can run through a fire—just don't stay in it for too long.


Content Warning Mime attacking
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mimes are kind of scary in real life, but they are terrifying in Content Warning. You can recognize them by a distinct teleporting sound since they don't move; they just sort of teleport step by step toward you. Every time they do this, they also make a low groaning sound, which is a big warning sign to avoid them.

How to Avoid & Escape Mime

The mime is pretty slow, so if you see it, it's not that difficult to run away. If it sees you, it will start following you. Try to remember the correct way out and don't let them corner you. You can't really run past it and it's a one-hit monster, so you'll be dead with only one Mime touch.

Red Button Bot

Red Button bot in the Old World of Content Warning
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

I saw the Red Button Bot in Content Warning and immediately turned into Deedee from Dexter's Lab. This monster will follow you for a bit before escaping again, so it isn't instantly dangerous. It does turn dangerous when you press the button and it starts ticking down before exploding and taking you out.

How to Avoid & Escape Red Button Bot

It's not difficult to avoid the Red Button Bot, all you have to do is not touch the button. However, if you are tempted, press it and run, as it will give you a few seconds before it explodes. Hopefully, you make it out of the blast range. In any case, explosions do look great on film so at least try to get your crewmates to film you as you run away.


Content Warning Monster Harpooner shooting and reeling you in
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Harpooner monster is easily recognizable by the sound of chains as it roams around. It reminded me of Chris from Outlast, which definitely didn't help the fear factor. This monster also has really loud footsteps, so that in combination with the

How to Avoid & Escape Harpooner

First, if you hear it, go the other way. If the Harpooner notices you, it will start charging up a shot, so you still have a second or two to get behind a wall and avoid getting shot. This monster will reel you in when it hits you, so start running in the opposite direction. With luck, you'll manage to get away, but if it does get you close, it will knock you over, leaving you vulnerable to more attacks.


Worm roaming the Old World in Content Warning
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

I hate worms and I have to say that I definitely hate this one too. You can hear it sliding around on the floor as it moves. Run the other way because this thing might not kill you, but it will definitely annoy you to death.

How to Avoid & Escape Worm

It's not fast as it slithers on the floor, so you can easily avoid it by going the other way. This thing doesn't kill you or damage you in any way, but it does attach itself to your body.

Your movement will be severely impeded, especially if you are alone. It took me four tries to get into the submarine and reach the button to go back up. As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to take this thing off your body; you just have to live with it.


Puffo monster walking in Content Warning
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Another monster similar to the Snail since it's pretty slow and quite common. Usually, on the map, I'll find the two of them slowly walking towards me. While the Snail will drag you in to eat you, Puffo will puff up and knock you back with its spikes.

How to Avoid & Escape Puffo

As I mentioned, they are similar to Snails in that they are slow. From my testing, they seem to have the same walking speed as you, so you can stay ahead of them at all times, especially if you sprint. They do deal quite a bit of damage, so keep your distance.

Cam Creep

Unseen except on camera, this monster is definitely one of the reasons why I don't want to be filming in the Old World and leave the task to my friends.

How to Avoid & Escape Cam Creep

You can only see it through the camera, so if you hear something around you, try to look around with the camera to see if this Content Warning monster is around. This thing will attach itself to you and kill you immediately, so if you suspect it's on you, give the camera to your friends to avoid dying.

Ultra Knifo

If you were annoyed by the regular Knifo, then be prepared for the bigger version of it. You can recognize it by the deep giggle and stomping steps as it walks around the map.

How to Avoid & Escape Ultra Knifo

It's better to be in groups when this thing comes, since it may not just target you. It deals a lot of damage so you'll probably be dead if it hits you twice. Another way you can try to defend yourself is by using the Shock Stick or a Goo Ball to give yourself time to run away and get back to the diving bell.

Black Hole Bot

There is another bot in the world of Content Warning that is looking to harm you. The Black Hole Bot will be flying around, and it's pretty safe while in the air. Its screens have a smiley face. However, if it drops to the ground, that's when the danger starts.

How to Avoid & Escape Black Hole Bot

Try to keep your distance from the Black Hole Bot, as it seems to be triggered by crewmates approaching it. Once it starts counting down, that's your cue to run to the diving bell. This monster will activate a black hole that will slowly consume the entire map, you included if you haven't escaped yet.

Snail Spawner

If you thought there weren't enough Snails on the map, you're in luck because Snail Spawner exists. This monster will start spawning Snails around you, looking to eat and kill you.

How to Avoid & Escape Snail Spawner

The Snail Spawner itself isn't dangerous; it's the Snails that are the issue, and there will be a bunch of them. However, they are just as slow as they are usually, so you can run around them. Make sure you're aware of your surroundings to get out of this area quickly. If you have a Goo Ball on you, even better, as you should use it to slow them down even further.


You aren't the only one in the Old World collecting views. The Streamer is also trying to succeed on Spooktube, and if you bother it, you can end up losing your life. This monster is pretty recognizable by its sound, which sounds like it is talking to its stream.

How to Avoid & Escape Streamer

If you hear the Streamer, go the other way and let it film its thing. It will just keep roaming around without interacting with you. However, if you get too close, it will get angry and start attacking you. This monster also has a Shock Stick, which it will use to stun you. It doesn't deal that much damage, but if it stuns you, it will keep hitting you. Hopefully, you'll have a friend nearby who can help stun it back.


A creature that will spawn from the walls. If you see the walls shifting, run away and keep your distance. This creature will grab you and teleport you to another area that you have to escape.

How to Avoid & Escape Wallo

As I mentioned, if you see the wall shifting and rippling, keep your distance. Wallo has long arms and can grab you quickly. If it does, it will teleport you to an area with platforms moving up and down. You'll have to jump across to get back to the Old World.


Arms is a thin and tall creature with very long arms. Its distinctive sound has a horror vibe that makes it pretty intimidating. You can also hear it stomping around, so you'll know to avoid it.

How to Avoid & Escape Arms

It's not that fast so you should be able to run away. Stay out of its reach, once it gets you, it will not let you go. It will keep hitting you with an attack and you are going to be dead. I haven't managed to test it out yet, but if you see your teammate is caught, try to use the Shock Stick, Goo Ball or throw something at it to save your friend.

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All Content Warning Monsters and how to avoid them

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