Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2024) Creative Scary Maps!

Celebrate Halloween all year round with these scary Fortnite Maps!

Updated: May 8, 2024

We added new maps!

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We know you're tired of waiting for Halloween to get your fix on scary stuff, so we're looking at a great bunch of maps that will send chills down your spine!

Our Horror Map Codes focus on some of my personal favorite and most popular horror experiences, filled with spooky atmospheres that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Best Fortnite Scary Horror Map List

Escape School

The Scary Monster in Escape The School
Image via Jakubeer

Escape School Map Code: 3237-6068-8317

Step into the eerie world of the Escape School, a classic horror map set in a haunted school. Picture this: it's late evening, and many students are engrossed in school projects. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts, and an evil creature begins to haunt them. Your mission? It's a race against time. You must swiftly solve intricate puzzles, gather crucial items like bandages, food, and weapons, and find your way out of the school before it's too late. Remember, these items are not just tools; they're your lifeline and your strategy to survive.

Escape The Loop

The Spookly Villain in Escape the Loop Fortnite
Image via JKR_Julian

Escape the loop Map Code: 2249-7683-7201

True to its name, the map is an homage to the popular game P.T. Like its inspiration, you find yourself trapped in a hallway in a house. Each time you traverse it, you'll find a small door at the end; stepping through it will only lead you back to the same hallway. Your task is not just to break free from this loop but to outsmart the clues on the walls and explore the rooms in the hallway. While you can navigate these hallways at your own pace, the real challenge lies in the enigmatic creature that frequently materializes in the hallway, forcing you to seek refuge in a heart-pounding race against time.

Space Horror

Space Horror Map Code: 3738-3413-4549

The Space Horror is a four-player co-op horror map in the Fortnite Universe. You are all space guards of the S.E.S., a space agency that mines resources from various planets. As part of your work, you are tasked with visiting a spaceship containing several AWOL employees. Immediately upon arrival, you get to know that all the employees are dead in a horrible fashion and must find the reason behind it. So, explore the buildings and identify the mysterious E.T. behind them. If you're a fan of slow-paced horror titles like Alien Isolation, you'll find this game highly engaging and challenging.

The Sound of Fear

An atinque object smirking at the player in Fortnite
Image via Dojohype

The Sound of Fear Map Code: 2656-1411-0289

The Sound of Fear is a quest-driven map with a scary backstory. As a detective, you are called to solve the mysterious disappearance of the owner of an antique shop. Upon reaching the location, you face several strange and spooky situations ranging from flickering lights to floating objects. Solve the case of the missing owner alone or with the help of four other friends by finding clues and completing objectives. I highly recommend the map to players who love a story-based horror adventure.

Room 19

A mysterious creature standing in a hallway in Fortnite
Image via Aspero

Room 19 Map Code: 3980-1959-9571

A mysterious murderer is out on the loose, and you are inside a hotel. All the doors are locked; the only way out of the sinister environment is to reach room 19. Track the moments of the killer using sounds and crawl your way silently without making a pin-drop noise to the final room. Remember, there is no weapon or fancy accessory at your disposal to distract the killer, and the thing aiding you on your journey is the flickering/dull light that can mask your presence. Bookmark the map if you love games like Alien Isolation or the Bunker series.

Granny Remake

An image of a zombie granny in Fortnite
Image via rb26

Granny Remake Map Code: 2168-9319-7744

The fabled Granny series is back with new levels, new gameplay items, and, most importantly, a more brilliant granny. Like the original game, you are trapped inside a house, and the only way out is to collect all the five dolls available in the various parts of the house. Solve puzzles and obtain items to access the different rooms while dodging the evil granny. The other best part of the map is that it is a multiplayer adventure, allowing you to experience it with four players.

Lethal Business

Image via 404 Creative

Lethal Business Map Code: 4709-8546-5558

Lethal Business is a fun Fortnite twist on the game Lethal Company. In it, you will explore various planets and moons to collect loot for the company you are employed under. However, these planets can be dangerous and you will need to survive some hideous monsters to make it back alive.

Escape Zombies

Image via BesideCreative

Escape Zombies Map Code: 3119-9050-3361

In this horror experience, it will come down to your pure survival skills to escape. You will pass through different levels of death in an attempt to escape six different iconic horror characters as zombies, like Poppy Playtime. Play with up to six players and see which ones can make it to the end.

Nightmare VHS

Image via Blunte

Nightmare VHS Map Code: 1634-9136-6366

Horror games are the scariest when you're in it alone, and in this VHS-styled escape experience, you most definitely will be. In first person, you will explore the spookiest, carnival, fun house-inspired maps and attempt to make it out alive. Are you brave enough to go it alone?

Lost in Space

Image via Endercono

Lost in Space Map Code: 8325-7104-2199

You took a job in space, but you never expected things to turn out quite like they did. Now you're stuck spiraling through different dimensions, and all of them have one thing in common: horror. In this horror escape game, you can up to 7 players will attempt to survive the iconic monsters from top horror game titles like Five Nights at Freddy's, SCP, and The Backrooms.

Escape Jigsaw

Image via jkr_julian

Escape Jigsaw Map Code: 0124-9901-2824

Jigsaw wants to play a game, but it may come with some side effects and complications. Are you brave enough to play with him, along with eight other players, to escape? Prepare to face some terrifying jumpscares and outsmart Jigsaw to survive his sadistic fun.


Image via chitaz

Asylum Map Code: 3548-5296-4022

One of the all-time creepiest themes for horror is an abandoned asylum, which is front and center in this experience of Asylum. Team up with up to four other players as you attempt to escape this spooky Asylum building and are chased by a demented doctor. Discover 2 different endings and Easter Eggs along the way.


Image via chitaz

Haunted Map Code: 9821-6557-3540

Haunted is a brilliantly designed and optimized UEFN experience that will send shivers down your spine. You'll team up with four other players as you delve into a haunted mansion and attempt to find all 13 keys to escape, dodging jumpscares and hiding from the ghost chasing you. There may only be one ghost hunting you, but she's ruthless and will do anything to ensure you never make it out alive.

FNAF Backrooms

Image via crxm

FNAF Backrooms Map Code: 1668-0520-4207

The Backrooms are already terrifying enough, but add in some killer animatronics, and you have something even more demented. If you're a fan of FNAF, this game is a must-play with your friends. In first-person, you and up to 4 other players will attempt to escape the endless halls.

Research Institute-研究所-

Image via seimei

Research Institute Map Code: 9623-2394-6490

You're just innocent bystanders going about your day when you stumble upon a secret tunnel leading to a hidden laboratory. Only the bravest will dare enter and discover what monstrosities are being produced there, but will you be able to make it out alive?

Hotel Maniac

Image via neverty7

Hotel Maniac Map Code: 0895-5211-1199

It's time to put on your detective hat as you explore this sinister hotel, where a maniac is on the loose. It's up to you to collect evidence, piece together the clues, and solve this case so you can safely escape the hotel and put an end to his insanity.

Until Dawn

Image via Chaotix-kezio

Until Dawn Map Code: 0057-7424-4308

Until Dawn is a specially crafted UEFN experience allowing up to 4 players. Attempting to explore an abandoned cabin nestled in Mount Washington’s cursed forest, you will run into a few unforeseen obstacles. In this open-world map full of jumpscares and terrors, you’ve got five chances to survive the threats and endure until dawn.

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Image via Chitaz

Scarecrow Map Code: 0995-4684-6018

Join up with up to three other friends and attempt to escape this spooky ghost town after you are unexpectedly stranded there. With two unique endings and hidden easter eggs, you’ll constantly be on the edge of your seat. Will you escape alive?

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JKR_Julian's Evil Awaits Series

Image via JKR_JULIAN
  • Evil Awaits 1: 4163-3189-9916
  • Evil Awaits 2: 9663-1874-2583
  • Evil Awaits 3: 9920-3065-4803
  • Evil Awaits 4: 4572-8950-8933
  • Evil Awaits 5: 3556-1498-6642
  • Evil Awaits 6: 7688-6004-1077
  • Evil Awaits 7: 7153-0057-5102
  • Evil Awaits 8: 2657-2049-4523
  • Evil Awaits 9: 5706-4716-3544
  • Evil Awaits 10: 8642-3740-2264
  • Evil Awaits 11: 3204-8302-0131
  • Evil Awaits 12: 4098-9975-2849
  • Evil Awaits 13: 9136-7246-5412
  • Evil Awaits 14: 7710-0034-8827
  • Evil Awaits 15: 5034-4002-3245
  • Evil Awaits 16: 3515-6322-1432
  • Evil Awaits 17: 1254-3673-2133
  • Evil Awaits 18: 0711-2419-7429
  • Evil Awaits 19: 4607-3430-0603
  • Evil Awaits 20: 6533-8912-5569
  • Evil Awaits 21: 9059-5575-6936
  • Evil Awaits 22: 0387-3560-2947

The Evil Awaits series by Jkr_Julian is one of the longest horror series in the Fortnite Creative community. Featuring over 20 courses, you will find no shortage of content and can easily get lost (figuratively and literally) in these horror maps for hours at a time. This series originally started as a horror deathrun, but then became one of the most popular Fortnite Horror series out there!

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Fortnite Horror Map Codes (2024) Creative Scary Maps!

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