Best 1.20 Minecraft Seeds – Xbox One, PS4, & All Platforms!

I'm taking a look at some of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.20!

Folks like me don't want to keep changing worlds to find the best seeds in Minecraft—you want it now while the inspiration for playing is still fresh! I've gathered 15 of the most exciting seeds we've ever found in 1.20 to help you start a new, exhilarating world quickly on any platform.

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Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds on all platforms

Each of these Minecraft 1.20 seeds can be used for either Bedrock or Java editions. The biomes and general geography will stay the same, but the structures may change. This is reflected in the coordinate tables provided for each seed, which show identical geographic coordinates but different structural coordinates.

15 - Cherry Hill Villages

Two Plains Villages next to a Cherry Grove in Minecraft.
Screenshots by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: -650865072457599494

A Cherry Grove hill near spawn acts as the barrier between two Plains Villages. In Java, these villages will be fairly close to the Cherry Grove. In Bedrock, there are still two villages but they are further apart. I recommend making a base within the grove if you want to make your home outside the villages.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Cherry Hill: -161, 10Cherry Hill: -161, 10
Plains Village 1: -6, 77Plains Village 1: 136, 136
Plains Village 2: -230, 27Plains Village 2: -360, 136

14 - Badlands Ranchers

A Desert Village on the edge of a Badlands hill.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: -4981734514539436420

Camels and Armadillos are two Minecraft mobs limited to the Deserts and Badlands areas. If you're looking to gather either one, this Desert Village full of ranchers will help you out! They already have one Camel and the area behind them contains multiple Armadillos. They'll gladly assist you in catching and caging every animal you find.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Closest Badlands Village: -688, -208Badlands Ranchers: -369, 256

13 - Mansion Adventure

A Woodland Mansion in front of Windswept Hills in Minecraft.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides.

Seed: -3356646289277940721

I've always found it easier to find Woodland Mansions in Java Edition than in Bedrock Edition. This seed helps even the odds by having a Woodland Mansion near spawn just for Bedrock players! The surrounding waters contain shipwrecks and ocean ruins for all players. If you're a console, mobile, or PC Bedrock Edition Minecraft player, you'll enjoy exploring the Woodland Mansion in this seed.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Shipwreck: 184, 280Mansion Adventure: 435, 410

12 - Mount Cherry

A mountainside covered in cherry trees.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7716205742379765501

Cherry trees grow abundantly across this world's closest snow-covered mountain. Their pink leaves line the outer edge of the cliff and fill in the crater. Whether you prefer a larger-than-life base or something more hidden, this seed will give you the space you need. A few Plains Villages inhabit the Plains to the south of the mountain while two Ancient Cities lie peacefully beneath the cherry blossoms.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mount Cherry: -245, -282Mount Cherry: -245, -282
Plains Village: -160, -144Ruined Portal: -372, -281
Plains Village 2: -208, 0Plains Village: -267, 89

11 - Anthill Village

A platformed Plains Village to the right of a mountain riddled with circular tunnels.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5657040049252452995

In this world, the mountain near Spawn is riddled with circular tunnels like an anthill. This has given the nearby village the nickname "Anthill Village". Their trips into the mountain help them gather the resources necessary to keep their village going. Luckily, they're willing to share their tunnel mines with you. All they ask is that you help defend them from monsters in their time of need. Do so and they'll shower you with the riches they've gathered.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
The Anthill: 46, -110The Anthill: 46, -110
Anthill Village: 131, -133Plains Village: -328, 344

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10 - Island Temple

A Jungle Temple at the edge of a Jungle island.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4867719531267003880

Jungle Temples are a rare sight to behold in Survival Minecraft. In this seed, your world begins on a lonely Jungle island. The Bedrock players who explored this island will find a Jungle Temple partially sunken in the water on the island's edge. Its positioning is odd, but makes it very easy to explore.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Shipwreck: 152, 40Island Temple: -137, 38

9 - Lush Mines

An oak mineshaft in a Lush Cave.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8083293648019459621

This Lush Cave expands through multiple caves and layers in the earth. It has several overflowing pools of water, helping players easily access each level. Bedrock players will be able to find a mineshaft towards the beginning of the game for some easy loot. With a little extra exploration, Java players will come across one as well.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave Entrance: 156, -150Lush Cave Entrance: 156, -150
Savanna Village: -272, 0Mineshaft: 173, -136

8 - Kelp Temples

Ocean Temples in a Kelp forest in front of a Jungle.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 175004113439290869

The Jungle Temple in this seed overlooks a kelp-filled ocean. Hiding in the kelp is an Ocean Monument, which stares back at the Jungle Temple. After looting both of these kelpy temples, there are a few shipwrecks and ruins in the ocean that can be explored.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Jungle Temple: 121, 227Woodland Mansion: -680, 536
Ocean Monument: 187, 120Ocean Monument: 184, 72
Shipwreck: 256, 143Shipwreck: 280, 136

7 - Mushroom Madness

A big Mushroom Island.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4447483029302122018

Mushroom lovers rejoice! This large Mushroom Island can be found about 500 blocks from the coast near Spawn. It is surrounded by both Warm and Cold Oceans, giving players access to all types of ruins as well as shipwrecks and Ocean Monuments. Gather dark oak from Spawn to craft a boat, then sail towards the island while gathering all of the treasure in your path.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mushroom Island: -203, -172Mushroom Island: -203, -172
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 8, 184Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 136, -264
Shipwreck: 56, -200Shipwreck: 248, -168

6 - Windswept Desert Village

A Desert Village alongside a Mangrove Swamp and Windswept Hills.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6916168680308682761

Floating islands and towering hills surround one-half of this large Desert Village. The other side of the village is pressed against a Coral Reef. Bedrock players will not have this village, but they'll have the perfect space to start their own! All players will be able to find shipwrecks and Warm Ocean Ruins scattered around the Coral Reef.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Windswept Desert Village: 350, -148Shipwreck: 136, -264
Shipwreck: 197, -152Small Warm Ocean Ruin: 88, -280

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5 - Dripstone Cave beneath Woodland Mansion

A Woodland Mansion with a cave at the bottom of its wall.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -4590553607283283313

Bedrock players will adore this unique Woodland Mansion! It reminded me of playing in the moat around Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64. The Mansion itself can be explored as usual, but venturing into the area beneath it reveals a large Dripstone Cave system as well as a secret meadow. An enchanted fairy garden could be built here, or perhaps a staircase down from one of the first-floor rooms in the Mansion.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Woodland Mansion: -536, 184Woodland Mansion over Cave: -546, 325
Dripstone Cave: -508, 327Dripstone Cave: -508, 327

4 - Coral Badlands

A tall Badlands island in a Coral Reef.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -4832498267719261901

If you don't dive into the Coral Reef next to Spawn, you'll never discover that the Badlands in this seed are hiding a cool, partially underwater cavern! The Wooded Badlands biome at the top of the hill can be used for wood for a crafting table, tools, and torches. After you've gathered enough and a little dirt for growing saplings, take a leap of faith into the ocean and head to the cave to begin an entirely new adventure.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Wooded Badlands: Spawn (432, -480)Wooded Badlands: Spawn (432, -480)
Coral Reef: 441, -436Coral Reef: 441, -436
Cavern Beneath Badlands: 453, -456Cavern Beneath Badlands: 453, -456

3 - Mansion Above Lush Ravine

A Woodland Mansion by a Lush Ravine and several snowy mountains.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -8392463792194580504

Set against a backdrop of picturesque mountains, this Woodland Mansion is just as pretty as it is resourceful. It stands above a Lush Cave ravine, with several cobblestone pillars extending from the Mansion to the cave's floor. There is even a small gap between the second floor and the third where players can sneak in and ambush the Pillagers inside the Mansion. During my journey into the Mansion, I did not find any secret rooms but did come across many rooms containing chests.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Woodland Mansion: 436, 408Pillager Outpost: 296, 248
Lush Ravine: 436, 414Lush Ravine: 436, 414

2 - Windswept Spire

A tall Windswept Hills island in the middle of a Frozen Ocean.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5805094738259097562

The only signs of life within the desolate Frozen Ocean are the spruce trees growing all over this Windswept biome. It's the perfect place to build a fantasy-style building, like a wizard's tower or an ancient library. Adventure-style players may also enjoy this seed as inspiration for an Antarctic-style shipwreck survival story—especially with the many shipwrecks scattered about the ocean.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Windswept Spire: SpawnWindswept Spire: Spawn
Shipwreck: 24, -272Shipwreck 1: 72, -632
Ruined Portal: 38, -339Shipwreck 2: -184, -312

1 - Natural Waterpark

A Windswept Hills biome surrounded by water with waterfalls.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1140028404943297831

These amazing pockets of Windswept biomes seem to emulate a massive water resort. There are plenty of sliding slopes, tall cliffs, and most importantly, lots of water to explore and splash around in. While looking around this area, it also reminded me of a Chao Garden from one of the Sonic Adventure games. If combined with the official Minecraft Sonic texture pack, this seed will truly be a nostalgic sight to behold.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Natural Waterpark: 303, -93Natural Waterpark: 303, -93
Plains Village: 216, 312Plains Village: 304, 224

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