Top 20 Best Minecraft 1.20.2 Seeds (June 2024)

Minecraft seeds don't just fall from trees!

If you're having trouble obtaining quality seeds for the 1.20.2 version of Minecraft, you've come to the right place! I have compiled the 20 best 1.20.2 seeds, one of which will have the Minecraft experience you're looking for.

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Top 20 Best 1.20.2 Seeds for Minecraft

Good Minecraft seeds are few and far between, and I consider finding proper seeds to be an art form. Spending countless hours scouring the internet searching for perfect, rare, and quality seeds with a bunch of content, rare biome combinations, or strange anomalies is hard, but I've done the work and developed a list of the top 20 1.20.2 seeds for you below.

20 - Crumbling Savanna Village

A Savanna Village that is falling apart in Minecraft
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6552405879007654686

This Savanna Village has been slowly falling into disarray over the years. The path is overgrown in places, buildings have grown old, and most recently, a cave has opened up beneath the village. Repair the village by rebuilding homes, fixing the paths, and patching over the hole leading to the cave.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Crumbling Savanna Village: 647, -451Witch Hut: 552, 56

19 - Mineshaft Ravine

A ravine with a dark oak and a regular oak mineshaft
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6653851001688439349

Mineshafts may be a basic structure in Minecraft, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. The ravine in this Desert contains two separate mineshafts to explore. The first is a Dark Oak mineshaft closer to the surface. The second is an oak mineshaft found deeper inside the cave.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Ravine Entrance: -28, 265Ravine Entrance: -28, 265
Dark Oak Mineshaft: -39, 60, 256Desert Village: 40, 184
Oak Mineshaft: -44, -9, 236Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: -136, 72

18 - Mangrove Temple

A Jungle Temple in the middle of a Mangrove Swamp
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1379183656423851919

This Minecraft world begins in a lush Mangrove Swamp. Players exploring the Mangrove Swamp will find a circular patch of Jungle biome at its center. Java players will find a Jungle Temple hidden within this center. Bedrock players will come across a Desert Temple in the nearby Desert instead.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: SpawnMangrove Swamp: Spawn
Jungle Temple: -158, 25Desert Temple: 280, -440

17 - Lush Sands

A large Lush Cave near a Desert Village and a pool of lava.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -2127636300155290382

This seed begins in a Desert next to the entrance to a large Lush Cave. Java players will find a Desert Village right next to it while Bedrock players will have to walk a bit further. If you're looking to combine the golden sands of a desert with the beautiful colors of a Lush Cave, this seed is all you need. All players can use the lava pool outside the cave to craft a quick Nether Portal as well.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave Entrance: -190, 374Lush Cave Entrance: -190, 374
Desert Village: -158, 400Desert Village: -248, 344

16 - Armadillo Reef

A series of Badlands cliffs in front of a Coral Reef.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1637764504591381644

Armadillos get the best view in this cozy Badlands seed. Spawning directly into the Badlands gives players early access to the new Armadillo mob. Large Stony Shores biomes cover the edge of the cliffs next to the Coral Reef, providing players with abundant ores. It's a vibrant seed perfect for gathering precious materials and building a luxurious survival base.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Armadillo Reef: SpawnArmadillo Reef: Spawn

15 - Sandworm Village

A Desert Village next to a circular cave in the ground.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6507995612532432400

If Sandworms were real in Minecraft, this cave would be created by them! A village of desert dwellers has made their home next to it. They gather the materials from the cave to sustain their livelihoods. Unfortunately, the lake in the cave has almost completely dried up. You'll need to either refill it or create a new water source to survive.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Sandworm Cave: -204, 331Sandworm Village: -214, 280

14 - Lush Pirate Cove

A cove with a Lush Cave and a shipwreck in a Desert Village.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3201901650831491932

As far as beautiful seeds go, this one speaks for itself. Climbing on top of the cliff you spawn on reveals a gorgeous Lush Cave inside of the opposing cliff. Java Players will have a jaw-dropping Desert Village with a shipwreck. A small entrance at the bottom of the cliffs leads to a ginormous chamber containing the rest of the Lush Cave and a Deep Dark biome.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Lush Axolotl Cave: 37, 103, 51Lush Axolotl Cave: 37, 103, 51
Desert Village with Shipwreck: 107, 26Buried Treasure: -40, 99, -56
Entrance to Deeper Lush Cave: 127, 63, 62Entrance to Deeper Lush Cave: 127, 63, 62
Deep Dark biome: 202, -36, 107Deep Dark biome: 202, -36, 107

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13 - Windswept Pillagers

A towering Pillager Outpost next to Windswept Hills and a Plains Village.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6993243736976503305

Towering above even the Windswept Hills next to it, this is one of the biggest Pillager Outposts I've ever seen. Its height allows it to view the Plains Village beneath it. Unfortunately, its height prevents the Pillagers from actually plundering the village! It's like the Minecraft equivalent of Rapunzel's tower, with angry and armed Pillagers instead of the princess.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Shipwreck: -264, 33Plains Village: -340, 328
Cold Ocean Ruins: -303, 33Pillager Outpost Tower: -490, 474

12 - Iceberg Village

A Snowy Village that has merged with an Ice Spikes biomes and a Pillager Outpost in the distance.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3887448163869726866

This Snowy Village is beginning to become overrun by the nearby icy biomes. The bell in the town center has been replaced by a spike of ice, with the bell instead sitting on a small ice block. Part of the village extends into the Frozen Ocean to its left. For those looking for a fight, a Pillager Outpost can be seen in the distance.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Snowy Village: 112, 176Iceberg Village: 0, 121
Small Cold Ocean Ruins: 72, 40Pillager Outpost: 345, 201

11 - Stony Mountain Island

An island made up of a Stony Shores mountain.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8101958273703294019

This island was originally a peninsula that became detached from the main continent. The island itself has spruce trees, stony hills, and an icy mountain. Towering stony and spruce islands fill the nearby seas, making the area a treasure trove for ore and wood collection. All players will have the opportunity to uncover mineshafts beneath the mountain. Bedrock players have the chance to find an Ancient City deep below its surface.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Stony Mountain Island: SpawnStony Mountain Island: Spawn
Ruined Portal: -489, 75Ancient City: -424, -44, 184

10 - Desert Temple Home

A Desert Villager's home that has merged with a Desert Temple.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5109750056534348571

Two of the homes in this Desert Village have merged with the adjacent Desert Temple to form one stunning piece of architecture. To enter the temple itself, you'll need to pass through the villager's home at its front. The staircase of the tower is blocked by the temple's walls, but that can easily be entered by climbing the temple and breaking into the tower. You'll want to do so to get the treasure from both the tower and the temple itself.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Desert Temple: 80, 200Desert Temple Home: 105, -281
Desert Village: 224, 48Second Desert Village: 104, 56
Pillager Outpost: 272, 224Pillager Outpost: 392, 152

9 - Cherry Cave Village

A Cherry Grove village partially inside of a cave.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4405867304512727636

This 1.20.2 seed has a much smaller Cherry Grove than others on our list. Its uniqueness comes from its placement near a large cavern, a Snowy Plains biome, and even a mini Ice Spikes biome. Java players have the bonus of a Plains Village being located within the grove. Two of their houses and an animal pen have been constructed within the cavern itself. There is also a lava pool nearby, which is helpful for players who want to make a Nether Portal using the nontraditional method.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Small Cherry Grove: 127, 357Small Cherry Grove: 127, 357
Cherry Cave Village: 98, 280River Village: 120, 88

8 - Mansion and Portals

A Woodland Mansion on a river with two ruined portals.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5460345056966164152

Rising from the river, this Woodland Mansion stands over the woods and ruined portals around it. Combine the loot from the Mansion with the ruined portals to gear up and quickly take on the Nether. Bedrock players will not have the Mansion, instead getting an Ancient City and several pieces of buried treasure along the coastline by Spawn.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Woodland Mansion: 337, -645Ancient City: 551, -44, 200
Ruined Portal 1: 386, -609Buried Treasure 1: -184, 50, 8
Ruined Portal 2: 315, -908Buried Treasure 2: -248, 70, -56

7 - Island Survival

A Minecraft survival island map.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -7467799240263402918

Adventure and Survival players will love this upgraded island survival map. The island itself has sloping hills on one side, sheer cliffs on the other, and a mountain in the center. Java players will be able to find several shipwrecks and a cluster of ocean ruins nearby. In contrast, Bedrock players will need to resort to digging up the island's beaches for treasure.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Shipwreck: -184, 184Buried Treasure 1: -248, 67, -56
Shipwreck 2: 248, 184Buried Treasure 2: -248, 65, -104
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 184, -312Buried Treasure 3: -360, 58, -248

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6 - Axolotl Grotto

A Lush Cave grotto filled with Axolotls.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4757330890741568833

This grotto, which lies beneath Beach and Jungle biomes, acts as the home to the elusive axolotl! The cave can be safely traversed by jumping into the many ponds within the cave. While many monsters are lurking in the dark, a simple wooden sword and some torches will help take care of them. The nearby ocean contains several shipwrecks and ocean ruins waiting to be discovered and looted.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Grotto Entrance: 376, -51Grotto Entrance: 376, -51
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 136, 40Shipwreck: 296, 56
Shipwreck: -152, 152Small Warm Ocean Ruin: 136, -184

5 - Where Worlds Collide

A mountaintop with four different biomes and a ruined portal.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8786043286507745019

This seed takes the best of four separate worlds to produce one indescribable seed! The snowy mountain is surrounded on three sides by an expansive Dark Forest, with a Bamboo Jungle covering the other side. A pit made up of a Lush Cave biome can be found to the left of the mountain hidden near the Dark Forest. Java players will be able to explore a ruined portal on top of the mountain as well.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Bamboo Jungle: SpawnBamboo Jungle: Spawn
Snowy Mountain: 34, 178Snowy Mountain: 34, 178
Dark Forest: 85, 224Dark Forest: 85, 224
Lush Crater: 96, 216Lush Crater: 96, 216

4 - Budding Volcano

A volcano with lava and waterfalls in next to a Plains Village.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5604536942354129104

This young volcano is already beginning to leak lava—an eruption may be imminent! Java players may want to evacuate the village to safety, just in case. Bedrock players won't have this worry, instead having a few ancient civilizations to explore beneath the surface. Going underground may be the best move, as any lava will pass safely overhead leaving you cozy and warm. More creative players may enjoy adding extra lava, magma blocks, and even magma cubes to the volcano to increase the volcanic appearance of the mountain.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Plains Village: 80, 16Ancient City: 72, -43, 136
Ancient City: 104, -43, 200Ancient City 2: 456, -43, 120
Budding Volcano: 78, 121Budding Volcano: 78, 121
Mountain Range: 347, 11Mountain Range: 347, 11

3 - Illager's Villagers

A Plains Village taken over by a Pillager Outpost.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5807661361325673821

These Illagers have taken control of a Plains Village, subjugating the Villagers to grow their crops and give them other resources. If you've got spare time, the villagers would be grateful for a helping hand to stand against the Illagers. Of course, helping them out and removing the Illagers from power does mean that the position of dictator is waiting to be filled.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Plains Village: 304, 284Plains Village: 295, 214
Plains Village 2: 128, 576Pillager Outpost: 295, 278

2 - Neighboring Villages

Two Plains Villages on neighboring hills.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1212145820118193219

While these villages are only a short distance away, they are separated by the geography between them. A base can be made next to either, but it may be more profitable to connect them. Bedrock players will be able to find a Taiga Village as well as a few ruined portals, while Java players will have to travel toward the ocean for more structures.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Large Cold Ruin Cluster 1: 8, 408Ruined Portal: 39, 22
Large Cold Ruin Cluster 2: -152, 408Taiga Village: 54, 152
Taiga Village 1: 48, -400Plains Village 1: -32, -330
Taiga Village 2: -240, -352Plains Village 2 with Ruined Portal: -277, -348

1 - Forested Badlands

A Minecraft seed starting in a Wooded Badlands.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 2478166049444056686

These Wooded Badlands have the beautiful visuals of regular Badlands combined with the functionality of a Forest. As a bonus, there is a Desert Village filled with goodies right next to them. When you've had your fun wandering the Desert and have gathered enough supplies, you can head beneath the surface to take on an Ancient City.

Key Java LocationsKey Bedrock Locations
Wooded Badlands: SpawnWooded Badlands: Spawn
Desert Village: -256, 112Desert Village: -219, 142
Desert Village 2: 1,216, -688Desert Village 2 with Ruined Portal: 864, -316
Ancient City: 152, -45, 120Ancient City: -168, -45, -248

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